ARMADAFM.com is your hit music station - "Forty Minutes" of continuous music & some of the top artists shows weekly. We are an unconventional hit music station that happens to reside on the Internet. We take the best elements of traditional radio stations and throw many of the typical conventions we find to be outdated or irrelevant out the window.

Like those traditional radio stations, we believe in playing the best new hit music, mixed with your older favorite songs. We will also, have mixshows and live broadcasts from some of the hottest nightclubs, Business' and Locations.

We don't believe in concepts such as rotating only 50+ current hits, and/or playing songs over 100 times a week. armadaFM is not a radio station that has a playlist with a bunch of songs on random or repeat, because you can do that yourself, right?

OUR MISSION - We're a station that listens to you, a place where you can get your fill of today's best music. We run ARMADAFM.com because we enjoy it. Feel Free to call us anytime in the studio, located in Atlanta, Georgia at 404-537-2143 for Song Requests, Shout-Outs, and more. Or Contact Sales during Business Hours if you wish to Advertise with us at 678.481.4445.


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